"If you’re a fan of modern country, jangle pop, Byrdsy folk, Americana, or classic songwriting, this disc is going to make you very happy."
Bart Mendoza, San Diego Troubadour

At Least We Know the Songs will be Good 

This Tuesday April 22 Wookie Garcia will be playing the Delta Room at the House of Blues downtown.  The all-ages show will be a celebration of the music of John Prine and Ryan Adams, and will feature many top local artists performing their favorite songs from these two writers.  The added benefit for us as the closers, we will get to play a 30 minute set including some of our Wookie favorites.… Read more

We Think We've Got it Now: Headers that Don't Suck! 

Okay, it seems as though we might have a handle on this.  Bandzoogle has given us the ability to have multiple headers cycling across the top of our pages.  We've selected five to rotate.  We've added our logo (brand is important), photo credits (lawsuits are expensive), and a CD review so cool we could have written it ourselves.  What do you all think?  What can we do better? Tell us. We want your opinion!

Wow! Those Header Images Keep Changing 

Our friends at Bandzoogle, hosts of our web page, are always working on cool new features that we can use to update our sites.  Now we can have slideshows for headers as well as still images.  Pretty cool.  For now, we're just playing around with it, but we'll try to have some 'header-worthy' images up soon.  Thanks to Kathy Tucker, Patrick Espinosa & Pierce Harrison for the images we're using so far.

Did Our (Great) Review Get Lost in the Shuffle? 

We can't seem to remember for sure but we might have been keeping some pretty cool info a secret from everyone.  It wasn't ever posted here in our blog anyway, but that's about to be corrected.  Back in November, Bart Mendoza's column in the San Diego Troubadour included a mini-review of Songs from Ray's Garage.   We definitely posted about it on Twitter and Facebook.  We quoted the review… Read more

A Neighborhood Bar and a Fun Time 

Friday night the band had a great time at Pal Joey's, a super neighborhood bar with a cozy little niche in the back where bands can play.  Cathryn Beeks from ListenLocalSD was there and had us on some sort of webcast where people could watch the show live on their computers or something.  We'll have to look into that a little closer.  We had some extra time after our regular set so we pulled out some… Read more

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